Story – Vision – Mission

Our Story


Co-founder of Ayursaveda, he comes from a long line of healers. His great- grandmother's father, Sankaran Vaidya, treated the Ramavarma King and his family. Sankaran had a gift of incredible healing powers, and this ancient knowledge carried through generations.

As these two lives came together, so did their passion for wellness in all forms. They agreed it was time to share this ancestral knowledge to the world.

Ayursaveda is a balance of two cultures, medicine, that offers 100% natural ayurvedic products, touched by the healing recipes of ancient time.

Today, Ayursaveda is 90% female employees, providing support, empowerment, and opportunities for women and mothers in the Kerala communities.



Ayursaveda's vision is to provide quality products from traditional plant-healing medicine, that will help synchronize that body and achieve balance optimal for vitality and overall well-being.



Ayursaveda believes that health is attained within balance of the fundamental elements Fire - Wind - Water - Earth - Ether

By recognizing the Earth element, we understand the importance of honouring the sacredness and healing amenities in which plants provide. We firmly stand behind sustainable farming, wild crafting, and suburban communities.

Also we honour the women and mother's in the Kerala community, giving opportunities of work and improve overall quality of life. What sets Ayursaveda apart is the energy and intention. Each product is intricately infused ("supercharged") by the 5 elements to create balance and harmonize the natural rhythms within your body. Ayursaveda provides quality products based on ancient recipes with traditional plant-based medicine we use today. Find your Balance, Become One.

"A Holistic Approach to restore, rejuvenate, and revitalize- the science of life"